London Rocks for London2018

London can sometimes be a tough and unforgiving city, but there are moments when you realise that you are living in one of the greatest cities in the world.

Last night was one of those moments.

Here at London2018 we have been working hard on a number of fronts – particularly on finalising all of the information required for the submission of our formal bid to host the Gay Games and also to raise the funds needed to meet the associated fees.

One of our big fundraising initiatives was to host a party at the Shadow Lounge club in Soho. It’s one of those ideas that gets quickly agreed at a meeting – “Let’s host a party to raise some money!”, a small project team was formed, a Facebook event was set up, and then we all carried on busily tackling the various priorities that we’re juggling.

It was only when our Chairperson Alex Davis was making a quick speech that we were able to take a moment to look around the room and take it in – it was Friday night, we were in one of the hottest clubs in London, and the place was packed with people all there to not only support London2018 but also to have a great time. Right then, at that moment, there was no better place to be. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better a troupe of burlesque dancers hit the stage and took the energy of the room to a whole new level – scorching!

The party was a smash – we raised money, but more importantly we reminded ourselves that London totally rocks!


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