The Amateur Swimming Association are backing the London2018 bid.


As part of the bid, the team are contacting many of the UK’s sporting bodies, as well as teams up and down the country, asking for their support.  We’ve had a great response, here’s just one.

The ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) are backing the bid to host the Gay Games in London2018.  We love them for that.

“The ASA’s mission is to have more people learning to swim, more people swimming regularly and more medals on the world stage.  Hosting the Gay Games in London in 2018 would provide both tangible support to our aims as well as subsequent participation legacy and we are therefore supportive of the bid.”

And thanks even more for this, “On behalf of the ASA and London Swimming I can confirm that, if successful, we will be able to provide support in mobilising the existing network of officials and volunteers as well as looking to train new ones in time for the Games in 2018.”
London2018 Letter of Support - ASA[1]-page0001


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