The Ishigaki Ju Jitsu Club has donated to the London2018 100-Out Campaign


The Ishigaki Ju Jitsu Club is supporting the London2018 bid to host the Gay Games by donating to the 100-Out campaign.  Here’s why they’re supporting the bid…


 “The club has been running for 19 years as a group that supports personal and social development of LGBT people through martial arts.  Our members have attended international competitions all over the world including several Gay Games.  Our members have visited GG martial arts competitions in Amsterdam, Chicago, Sydney and Cologne. We’ve won loads of medals and had the time of our lives. I addition we have attended Pink Power events, TIP in Paris and Eurogames.  We’ve made many friends through doing this and we want the bid to come to London to host and continue these friendships.

London is an international city and has loads of stuff that is familiar and new to visitors. We showcased ourselves amazingly during the Olympics and we can do this with the Gay Games to show once again that we can lead the world in LGBT events.

“It’s a fantastic city for LGBT visitors. We have one of the most vibrant LGBT communities on the planet as well as all the cultural richness of the city itself, there really is something for every visitor in London.

“The London 2012 Games proved we have substance, and it would be great to locate the positivity of the 2012 Olympics for the international LGBT community.”

If you want to support the London2018 bid, you too could donate to the campaign at  We’d love if you did.


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