The Sugar Dandies back the London2018 bid.

Britain’s Got Talent stars, and same sex ballroom dancing competitors, Bradley and Soren, “The Sugar Dandies” are backing the bid to host the Gay Games in London2018.  We love them for that.  Here’s why… DSC_0075 “Ballroom lovers, romantic fools and presenters of everything fabulous, the Sugar Dandies are famous for their flamboyant and entertaining twist on ballroom dancing.”  I can’t say it better than their own website! They love their ballroom dancing.  And they’re very good at it.  They’ve been medallists at every major British, European, North American and World same-sex show dance championship including the Gay Games, the World OutGames, the EuroGames, the ESSDA European Championships, the NASSPDA US Championships, the UK Same-Sex Show Dance Trophy and the Nordic Open. Living the ideals of the Gay Games, they’re also “the first British male couple to regularly compete on the mainstream (mixed-sex) competition circuit where they have been overwhelmingly welcomed on the floor by fellow competitors and spectators alike.” They’re proud supporters of same-sex dancing and are founding members of the UK Same-Sex Dance Council, presenters of the Same-Sex Open  and also helped start the “UK Fun Competition” an yearly beginners competition to encourage the next generation of UK same-sex competitors. Soren and Bradley met in 1996 at a gay chorus festival(GALA) in Tampa Florida. In November 2006 they married (UK Civil Partnership). They have danced together for over ten years, becoming one of the UK’s most celebrated dance couples. So how did they get involved in dancing?  “We have always been dancers, ballroom is an activity that we do together.  It has taken us all over the world and given us the opportunity to meet many interesting people.  It constantly challenges us! “We take part in both same sex dancing and mainstream dancing, we think it is good to do both.  We dance together because we are partners.” It’s less about who they dance with more about the actual dancing for them, “we like all dancing and are happy to have the opportunity to dance wherever we want.” But how did they actually get involved in same sex dancing?  “We started going out socially in the same sex world and then began to compete at same sex competitions.  Now we enjoy show dancing.”  They love it because it’s a sociable activity, but keeps them very fit as it’s very physically active. They would love the Gay Games to be held in the UK, “Because it is our home and we think London would make a great host city.  The Olympics were a huge success and so will be London2018.”


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