Merry Christmas. (and Like us. Please.)

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2013 to all our London2018 suppporters.  We love you all.
One of the many reasons that we love all of our London2018 supporters so much, is that being able to demonstrate community and grassroots support for the bid is one of the key criteria for selection of the city that will host the Gay Games in 2018.
So, Facebook “likes” and Twitter “follows” may seem a small thing, but are actually really important pieces of evidence for us as we continue to build our bid documentation.
Soooo…. in the spirit of Christmas etc. would you be able to do us a small favour? To help the London2018 cause along, if you have a spare second over the break, please share this post with all your friends (it’s easy, just hit the “share” button and post to your timeline) and ask them to “like” our page! That would be amazing.  It really would be the best Christmas present for the bid team.
The Mince Pies are on us!!

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