London2018 fundraising update.


Today we meet Patrick Nolen who is leading our crucial fundraising work.

Patrick – how is the fundraising going?
We’re on track, our next goal is to raise £3,200 by 28th February which is when our next lot of fees has to be paid to the Federation of Gay Games, so quite a bit of work still to be done.
What are some of the fundraising initiatives that you’re currently pursuing?
One of my favourites is the posters that designer Dermot Flynn has donated – we have 10 signed A1 posters to sell, the perfect Christmas gift!  You can see them here:
We’ve also held some great events recently – the Naughty Ball at Soho’s Shadow Lounge; the Out For Sport Christmas drinks at the Green Carnation; and the Christmas concert support by the London Gay Symphony Orchestra – all of these are valuable fundraising opportunities.
Plus we have our 100-Out campaign where we ask people to sign up and donate £100 to bringing the Gay Games to London in 2018.  Recent additions to 100-Out are the Old Loughtonians Hockey Club; James Adutt; Antonio Canto; and the Manchester Lesbian and Gay Chorus.

What’s next for London2018’s fundraising team?
Our big focus right now is the huge fundraiser that we have planned for 8th February at the Shadow Lounge.  Our theme is “Cupid’s Carnival” – entry is £10, and the event will have entertainment, goodie bags, a raffle, and heaps more.


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