Allan Simpson is backing the London2018 bid.

Today we meet Allan Simpson from London’s Leftfooters football club.
“I’ve only been to one Gay Games – Cologne 2010.
Despite originally being a bit sceptical about the idea, it was an amazing experience. The whole city seemed to embrace the Games and there was a genuine party atmosphere throughout – lots of smiles and not a hint of aggro so everyone could just be themselves.
To have so many people similar to me celebrating who we are and doing what we enjoy made it truly extraordinary and memorable for someone like me who had relatively recently come out.
It sounds trite, but I think what makes an event like this special is the combination of the ‘Gay’ and the ‘Games’. Being a global multi-sport event that has more competitors than the Olympics gives it more kudos than European or single sport championships, but at heart it’s the slightly counterintuitive concept of having so many LGBT people who want to play sport, mix and have a good time that made it special.
I want to have the Gay Games in London because it would be the first time the UK has hosted the Games, London is one of the world’s great cities and we have so many LGBT football teams in the UK that would enter the tournament potentially making it the biggest and best LGBT football tournament ever.

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