Devon Devils back London2018

Look, Devon’s only Gay Football club, the Devon Devils, back the bid to host the Gay Games in London2018.  Thanks all.


October 2012



Dear Richard and the London 2018 Bid Committee





We would very much like to add our name to the growing list of LGBT sports clubs who support the bid for London to host the Gay Games in 2018.  We would be glad if you submit this letter to the site selection committee in support of the bid.


We believe that London is well-placed to host the Gay Games. It has the infrastructure, the resources, and more importantly, the incredible diversity that makes London an amazing, welcoming place for all.


We are proud to be supporters of the London 2018 bid and we are really looking forward to welcoming visitors from all over the world to deliver the best Gay Games ever.  Our Club is looking forward to working with you and we embrace the principles of participation, inclusion and personal best.


Yours sincerely




Ashley Gale



For and on behalf of Devon Lions FC, Devon’s Only Gay Football Club

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