Adrian Trett loves the Gay Games.

Here’s why Adrian Trett loves the Gay Games and backs the London2018 bid to host it.

Adrian’s a member of the Irons Golf club,  “a friendly and competitive society of gay and lesbian golfers, of all ages and levels of skill.”  He first went the Gay Games in Cologne 2010 competing in the single stable-ford golf competition and also in the line dancing cha-cha-cha competition.

“It was amazing, I have loved sport since a young age but because of my sexuality, I always felt that I would never have that sporting opportunity.  It was great to walk into the Stadium as part of the UK team and be representing your country.”

He thinks the Gay Games are special because, “it is a unique atmosphere where everyone is free to be “who” they are, whether Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, or straight.  And it’s the inclusivity that makes the whole experience so friendly, warm and energising to be with people who respect you for who you are, and at the same time participating and competing in your sport to achieve your personal best at whatever level that maybe.”

He feels that to have the Gay Games in London would be, “the icing on top of the cake. We have had one of the most momentous summers in British sporting history in 2012, and there is no reason why the Gay Games can’t enthuse the diversity and great camaraderie of attitudes and experience to welcome the world to London again for another sporting event in six years time, and to use the legacy of the games to build on ensuring that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans people alongside straight athletes can enjoy another festival of sporting achievement and participation. I for one being aged 39 in 2018 would be thrilled to compete in my home country and my home city, with family, friends, colleagues and fellow athletes watching by the side.”


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