Vicki Carter loves the Gay Games.

Vicki Carter is backing the bid to host the Gay Games in London2018, here’s why she loves the Gay Games.

One of my favourite memories of being part of LGBT team Out to Swim, was going to the Gay Games in New York in 1994, it was so exciting, it was awe inspiring and it was political.  It was my first competition with Out To Swim, it was fantastic to swim, I did the 200m breast stroke and got a medal, I was very, very pleased with myself. It was also great fun to be in the first Pink Flamingo relay, I seem to remember I was dressed as a coal miner, I can’t remember why, but boys were mostly dressed up as queens, so that was fun. The New York team dressed as angels, and every angel represented someone who had died of AIDS, and that was very moving.  At the Gay Games, we broke world records in the swimming in New York, and it felt very powerful to be clearly so strong and so fit at so fantastic at our sport when all the world seemed to think that gay people were just dying of AIDS.  That whole Gay Games experience just made me feel very proud and glad to be gay.


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