Participation, Inclusion and Personal Best

“Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Best”, the values the Gay Games live and breathe.   Here’s what they mean.

Participation results in all individuals partaking fully and equally both in society and as athletes, artists, and supporters, whose lives touch or are touched by the Gay Games movement

Inclusion fosters an atmosphere where all are welcome to the Gay Games® in whatever manner they choose, whether as athlete, artist, official or supporter. The Gay Games are open to all, regardless of one’s race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, ethnic origin, political belief, age, physical challenge, health status, athletic or artistic skills.

Personal Best encourages individuals to express their athletic, cultural and activist skills, while empowering them to participate on their own terms. An individual’s realisation and fulfilment results from the attainment of one’s personal best, more so than from mere competition against others.

So what does that mean for our bid in London?   Well, the first LGBT sporting groups in London were started to provide safe and friendly places for gay people to train and compete in their chosen sports.  Many were originally inspired by the early Gay Games and as a reaction to increasing political awareness, but a fear of homophobic reaction within mainstream sports.   Many more LGBT teams and groups have followed suit.   Therefore these values permeate through the teams.

As the Gay Games London 2018 bid committee is made up mainly from members of these sports and cultural teams, the values will continue to guide every decision we make, so everyone can take part, do their best, by being themselves.


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